0845 533 5358 Telephone Number

When calling from a UK landline this 0845 number costs the same as that of a local call. We will pay the overseas part of the call. 

Mobile charges will be higher.


Privacy Policy

At Condor Golf Holidays we understand and respect the importance of your privacy. It is our policy that personal information, such as your name, postal address, e-mail address or telephone number is private and confidential.

On the 25 May 2018, a new European legislation regarding personal data privacy came into effect with the objective to protect your personal data. Condor Golf Holidays are committed to being transparent with you about how we treat your personal information. Accordingly, the personal information you provide is accessible only by designated staff and is only used for the purpose for which you provide the information (such as to book a golf tee time). Personal information is not released to third parties, except if release is required by law, or is pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations or proceedings. There are no other circumstances under which we will provide or sell personal information to third parties.


Booking Terms & Conditions

Important notes;

From 1 April 2022 all bookings paid using a British GBP credit or debit card will have a 1.5% fee. This can be avoided by paying by bank transfer. We sincerely apologise for this charge but we have no choice.

From 2022 we are now charged a large fee for bank transfers to our UK clients. When there is a cancellation i.e. rain has stopped play then the Courses will give us a credit. We will then offer you a credit to use on your next booking with us. If you prefer a refund then a bank fee of around 14% of the value would need to be discounted from the refunded amount. If a booking is cancelled at the last minute, after we have paid the suppliers then this will also be applicable. We appreciate your understanding. 

Booking form;

As we list our green fee prices you may use this form to make a tee time booking. We aim to reply to each booking request within 2 working days. We request the credit card details at the time of a booking to ensure that it is a true booking, however we will only debit a client's credit card once the preferred tee times, days and amount payable have been agreed by the client.

Quotation form;

Please use this form if you would prefer a quotation for golf green fees or a golf holiday. We aim to reply to each quotation request within 2 working days. Payment will be requested once all aspects of the holiday have been agreed, booked and confirmed.


Once all aspects of the booking have been agreed, booked and confirmed, Condor Golf Holidays will send an email confirmation. The confirmation will clearly state all details of the booking, including the booking reference, the balance/deposit to be paid and the date by which it is due. A contract will form between Condor Golf Holidays and the client once the deposit/balance has been paid and will end after the holiday has finished.


A deposit (25 euros per person if golf only and 50 euros per person if a golf holiday package) will be requested once your booking is confirmed. We then request the remaining balance 6 weeks before your holiday. If the departure is within 6 weeks the full amount will be necessary once your booking is confirmed. If the booking is less than 50 euros per person the full amount must also be paid on confirmation of the booking.

We accept bank transfers and credit cards with no extra charge. Unfortunately we cannot accept American Express. Payment can be made via our secure (SSL) gateway here or details can be given over the telephone. The secure gateway is a way of us safely receiving your card details - we then debit your card using the credit card machine here in our office.

All prices are in euros. 

IVA (tax) is included within all quotations and listed prices. Condor Golf Holidays cannot cover any extra costs arising from a tax increase. The client must pay the difference.


Once a deposit has been received by Condor Golf Holidays we will email an itinerary confirming and outlining the booking.


Once the full payment of your booking has been received by Condor Golf Holidays we will email you your vouchers, please remember to print them and take them with you as they are proof that you have pre-paid. These vouchers contain details of the booking, contact details of the supplier and driving directions.


After a completed booking, Condor Golf Holidays will accept and make any small changes without charge. If complicated or a large number of changes are to be made, an administration fee of 25 euros per change or per person will be charged. Alterations can only be made up to 30 days prior to departure. Changes requested within 30 days are subject to the prior approval of our suppliers.


Condor Golf Holidays reserves the right to cancel a booking within 30 days of departure if after repeated requests, payment has not been made. In this case the deposit will not be returned.

If a booking is cancelled with a valid reason and provided it is not within 6 weeks of departure, we will refund the full deposit or amount paid.

If a booking is cancelled within 6 weeks of departure, Condor Golf Holidays reserves the right to withhold the deposit. All further refunds will be subject to each individual supplier and their timelines. For example; 1 golf course may allow cancellations up to 48 hours before play but another may not allow cancellations within 30 days before play. Details of each individual supplier's cancellation policies, concerned with your booking can be requested by email. Refunds are normally given as a credit towards your next booking (as we in turn receive a credit from the golf courses and hotels, not a refund).

If a booking is cancelled within 6 weeks of departure and a valid medical certificate can be provided then most golf courses are happy to give a full refund. Condor Golf Holidays in turn will refund the full amount received, including the deposit.

Please note;

Many prices are based on the number of people within the booking. For example if there were an even number of people, and 1 cancellation, a single supplement would then be required for 1 of the rooms. Prices for Car hire and transfers are divided by the number of people, so again if there is 1 cancellation the cost would raise slightly for all other people within the booking etc.

Cancelled play;

If your game falls on a rainy day, the closure of the course is subject to the discretion of each individual golf course. A stamp will be required on your Condor Golf Holidays voucher in order to obtain a refund. Please note; some courses have a very strict cancellation policy and will only close in the event of lightning. Some Courses will offer you a voucher to play another day, others will ask you to contact ourselves. When you contact us about a rain cancellation we will in turn contact the Golf Course to check that they were closed. Those Courses will then offer us a credit. We will then offer you a credit to use on your next booking with us. If you prefer a refund then an administration fee of 25 euros would need to be applied.


'No Shows' will not be refunded. 


Many hotels, golf courses, car hire firms, transfer companies and golf schools will not accept a complaint if it is received after your holiday has ended. They all prefer to be made aware of any event whilst you are still in the resort so that every attempt can be made to rectify any situation. Condor Golf Holidays will make every effort to resolve any disputes.

Force Majeure;

Condor Golf Holidays does not accept responsibility for any cancellations or alterations due to a force majeure event.


Condor Golf Holidays reserves the right to change any prices or descriptions when deemed necessary. Once the full balance has been paid, no extra charges will be brought to the client, however if only a deposit has been made any price increases will be charged to the client. If a price has been reduced we will always credit the client with the difference.

We believe all information to be accurate and regular updates will be made to our website, however we cannot be held responsible for any changes, omissions or errors contained in our website or our newsletters.


Condor Golf Holidays urges all clients to take out individual travel insurance including golf cover. The additional golf cover can insure against damage, loss or theft of golf equipment (including clubs) as well as irrecoverable green fees that you have paid for if you need to cancel or curtail your trip. Some companies will even cover the 'Hole in 1 bar tab!'.

Spanish Golf Federation insurance;

A fee of 1.50 to 3 euros per person could be charged at some Golf Courses on the day of play.

Golf Course Etiquette;

Please abide by the rules of each individual golf course. Conduct all regular golf etiquette, be at the course on time, with your handicap certificate and Condor Golf Holidays voucher and with the appropriate attire.

All Golf Courses reserve the right to make up a 4 ball when necessary.

Car Hire;

Due to the fairly new system of car hire companies charging in advance for a full tank of fuel (then requesting that the vehicle be returned empty) we recommend that you only choose firms that offer full to full or quarter to quarter fuel policies. It is also recommended that you purchase an 'excess waiver insurance' online before you travel, as this is a much cheaper way of having full cover. Buy an annual policy if you intend to hire a car more than once a year. Car hire quotations can be found here.

Important; Before travelling;

Please remember all documents related to your booking i.e. passport, airline tickets/confirmation, driving license, handicap certificates and Condor Golf Holiday vouchers.